Hi, I'm Phil ...

The Nickinson family standing along a railing on Pensacola Bay. From left, Shannon, Isabella, Mia, and Phil.
From left: Shannon, Isabella, Mia, and Phil Nickinson.
Audio: About Phil Nickinson

There's nothing more loathsome than a flowery candidate statement that reads like a puffed-up resume. I'll keep this short.

I am Edward Phillips Nickinson IV. Phillips if you've known me for more than three decades. To most, I'm Phil Nickinson.

I'm a Pensacola native. I grew up here. I went to school here. (Ferry Pass Elementary, Brown Barge Middle, and Washington High, before finishing college at UWF.) Shannon and I got married here. (In September 2004. Happy 20th to us.) We started our family here. We're raising our children here.

I spent my 20s making newspapers. Spent my 30s traveling all over the country — and various parts of Europe and Asia as a tech journalist. I've been blessed to see a bit of the world, and I've been proud to call Pensacola home. In my 40s I've toned down the travel and turned an eye toward service and helped get a nonprofit youth sports organization off the ground, providing a safe and fun environment for kids to learn, play and grow.

Public service and volunteerism has long been in my family's DNA. My parents served our community — still do, actually. My grandparents served our community. Their parents and grandparents served our community.

And now I'm ready, willing and able to take my next step. I — along with Shannon, Mia, Isabella and Max (a brilliant lab/shepherd mix) — hope you'll join me.

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